Who Is TheBoos247? 

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I am James “TheBoos” Canteen, Jr. I was born and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC and Bronx, New York. Starting from breakdancing and rapping to DJing, I’ve left my mark on the urban hip-hop culture scene. From there I’ve created Boosta Sports Apparel — BOOSTA meaning Buying Our Own Styles Transcends Awareness — as a way to raise the consciousness of the African American community about economic self-empowerment while contributing to the hip-hop culture. As a serial entrepreneur, I later created the brands ShoppingWithTheBoos, Happy Huggs, and Big Boos Thee Invisible Man, (the musical artist), all which merged into TheBoos247.

I am now adding urban fiction writer to my accomplishments. Drawing from my experience of living in the inner-city, I write to share my knowledge and wisdom with the masses.

Why write this series? My work is a collection of Urban Fiction Novellas. As a Hip-Hop artist/lyricist, I’ve grown into writing my thoughts and ideas into stories, forming books. Putting my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into these titles has allowed me to demonstrate what could happen when marrying a younger Jamaican woman. When dating, it’s important to meet the family of your fiance. Being with someone from a different culture and cleave to you has its advantages and disadvantages — spiritual, physical, mental — all worth exploring.
I hope you enjoy the first book in this series, My Young Jamaican Wife.